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Venetian army under Marquise de Ville sent to Candia, 1665

In 1665 Venetia sent a 10,000-strong army under a Frenchman General di Infanterie Ghiron Francesco Marquis de Ville to reinforce the garrison of Candia. d'Alquie's Memories... composed a detailed list of Venetian troops. The army composed of 20 Foot (Freisheim, Frigeri, Nobis, Sagramosa, Negron Bavarias, Doglione, Ersan, Arborio, Pierre Anthoine, Negron Franches, Marrone, Furieti, Restori, Spada, Conti, Zacco, de la Motte, d'Ancalm, Bianco, Proculo) regiments, 12 Frei-companies, 2 regiments of Cuirassiers (Sforza & Corradini), 2 regiments of Albanian Stradioti (Varsama & Rados) & 2 companies of Dragoons (Carbonieri & La Forest). There were a lot of French volunteers in files. The full strength was 10,032 men, effective - 8588.

Source: d'Alquies S. Les memories du voyage de monsieur le Marquis de Ville au Levant, ou l'Histoire curieuse du sige de Candia... 1671. S. 69-83.

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  1. Vlad, do you have any info about Venetian army's disposition on Crete prior to arrival of this corps? I was wondering what forces did they initially used to defend against Turks.