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Uniforms of the Allied army in Flanders in 1748 by H. Bleckwenn. Part 1: Bavarians

Hans Bleckwenn wrote a series of articles about uniforms of the Allied army in Flanders in 1748 basing on the set of paintings by David Morier. They were published in 1960s in Zeitschrift fur Heereskunde. Each article contains a description of the uniforms & b/w detailed figures made after Morier’s paintings. They are extremely interesting because only a few of Morier's images are published or available on-line, the most of them are still "unexplored". The first article is about Bavarian troops.

See other materials by H. Bleckwenn about D. Morier plates with Allied army in Flanders in 1748 (link)

This image is available on-line in a high resolution on the site of the Royal Collection (link)

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