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GNW campaign 1706, part X: Swedish Main army at Blonia & Warszawa, 7 January 1706

King’s Main army gathered for a campaign around Warszawa at the beginning of January consisted of 5 Reiter, 4 Dragoon & 7 Foot regiments, totaled about 7,000 of Foot & 7,000 of Horse. Army had 40 cannons & 24 pontoons. Additionally King Stanislaw joined Swedes with 25 choragwies (17 Wallachian & 8 Polish, ab. 1,000-1,500).  
Reiter regiments (5): 
  • Livregementet till hast, 
  • Sodra Skanska, 
  • Ostgota, 
  • Vastgota, 
  • Upplands tremännings (Kruse),

Dragoons (4): 
  • Meierfelt, 
  • Taube, 
  • Ducker, 
  • Stenbock.

Foot (7), all regiments of 2 batts, except Guards of 4: 
  • Livgardet till fot, 
  • Dal, 
  • Uppland, 
  • Ostgota, 
  • Jonkoping, 
  • Kalmar, 
  • Pommerska varvade (Horn); 

Other troops: 
  • Drabanten, 
  • Enspannare company

Skaraborg Foot was left in Warszawa. The rest army on 7th January crossed Vistula via ice & marched to Hrodno. 

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  1. Sorry for offtop... Do you have any information about the actions of the Krassau's corp and Stanislaw Leszczynski's troops in Poland and Lithuania during the 1709 campaign, please?

  2. Enspannare company was a general-quartermeiseter's company, mounted guides

    Yes, I have some info about 1709 campaign in Poland & Lithuania. It's a part from Wimmer's book about Poland in GNW & materials about Russian operations in Poland. Plus info about Swedish troops (composition, strength, etc.) What are you the most interested in?

  3. In General, I am interested by the total number of troops of Leszczynski-Krassau in Poland and Sapiega in Lithuania and from the opposite side by the troops of Goltz and Sandomierz Confederation and their places of deployment in 1709.