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Russian troops at Kosulicze, 13/23 of February, 1664

On 13/23 of February 1664 Polish-Lithuanian raiding Corps under Alexander Hilary Polubinski met at Kosulicze with a vanguard of kn. Yakov Cherkasski's army under kn. Iwan Prozorovski. Russians  numbered about 3.5-4.000 men & composed of the following troops:
- several "sotnia" of feudal levy (500-1000 men)
- Grigorey Tarbeev (330), Wassiliy Chelustkin (222) & Stepan Zubov (415) Reitars
- Mikifor Kolobov (711), Iwan Zubov (705) & Gerasim Solowcov (628) Moscow Streltzy 
Russian losses in the action at Kosulicze were 149 wounded (see the data from official report below). Plus they lost about 50 killed = total about 200. 

Details about the action you may read in the Igor Babulin's article (first is text in Russian translation, then an original article in Polish): Kosulicze i Drokow. Dwie bitwy podczas kampanii zimowej Jana Kazimierza w 1663-1664 roku. // “De Re Militari”. Czasopismo mi?o?nik?w wojskowo?ci 1/2017. S. 52-70 (link)

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