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Siege of Brussels, 7 - 20 (28) February 1746

Plan der Belagerung von Brüssel, 1746G. de Dubuy, 1746(Hessischen Staatsarchiv Marburg)
By October of 1745 the majority of Britain's 22,000 troops in Flanders were back in England fighting the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. The remaining part of the Confederate army was too weak to oppose the French army under Marshal de Saxe in a field. On a night 7-8 February 1746 French invested Brussels, the key point of Austrian Flanders. It was held by a strong garrison of 18 batts & 8 squadrons totaled about 13,000 under Governor Wenzel Anton, Prince of Kaunitz-Rietberg. French army under de Saxe composed of 42 batts & 102 squadrons totaled about 22,000. French made two breaches in the walls & on 20 of February the garrison asked for a capitulation. French entered in the city on 28th. They took 52 colours & 3 standards as trophies.
Allied garrison:
Infantry (18 Dutch battalions): 1st Bataillon de gardes hollandaise, Cronstrom Foot (10 coys), Smissaert Foot (10 coys), Constant Foot (Swiss, 3 batts), Sturler Foot (Swiss, 3 batts), Planta Foot (Grissons, 3 batts), Elias Foot (10 coys), Guÿ Foot (10 coys), Dibbetz Foot (10 coys), Aÿlva Foot (10 coys), Waldeck Foot (10 coys).
Cavalry: Nassau (5 sqns, Dutch), Carabiniers (5 coys, Dutch), Ligne Dragoons (3 sqns, Austrian)
Also there were Frangipani Cavalry (Dutch) & detachments of Austrian hussars at the outbreak of the siege, but they escaped from the city. During the siege there were 16 Austrian senior generals in Brussels:
Feldmarschall Francisco de los Rios y de la Tour, Marqués de Los Rios de Gutierrez;
General der Kavallerie Prince Ferdinand de Ligne;
Feldzeugmeisters (2) Prince Claude de Ligne & Karl Urban Graf v. Chanclos;
Feldmarschall-Leutnants (5) Maximilian Joseph Graf v. Lalaing, Johann Dominik Graf v. Maldeghem, Wolfgang Wilhelm v. Bournonville, Heinrich Graf v. Kallemberg & Baron de Kiseghem;

Generalfeldwachtmeisters (7) Jakob Gibson, Heinrich Karl v. Wild, Daniel O’Conor, Georg v. Tundefelt, Robert Joseph Graf de La Cerda de Villalonga & Machugno

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