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William Drummond of Cromlix

William Drummond of Cromlix
Painting by L. Schuneman
William Drummond made a very good military carrier distinguished during the English Civil war & Northern war of 1654-67. Wiki on him contains a lot of errors (link). 
He was born 1617, died on 23 Mar 1688. 
Son of John Drummond, 2nd Lord of Madernity; younger brother of David Drummond, 3rd Lord Maderty
1641-1645 Entered military service as a Captain in Colonel Robert Monro Foot in Ireland
1648 served in General George Monro Army
1650 Colonel of a Foot regiment on Scottish service (ex-Earl of Tullibardine Foot)
1651 participated at the battle of Worcester as a brigade commander; taken prisoner after the battle but escaped
1653 Promoted to Major-General by the King
1653-54 served with the Royalists in the Highlands;
1655 Aug. Left Royal service with the following recommendation letter from Charles II:
Charles &c. To the most Serene &c. Salutation. Since our faithful and especially esteemed the undermentioned renowned and capable man Lord William Drummond, honorary commander of the Guard of Infantry in our Army, bravely serving against the combined forces of our enemy, has shown us very many examples of fearless faithfulness, of undaunted courage, of exceptional prudence, & of military skill, & from us has merited most highly ; And since for the exercising of his valour he is about to be enrolled in the military services of other Princes, the same we perpetually commend to all and singular to whose kingdoms or jurisdictions he may come & we ask that they may be willing to assist him with all favours of humane kindness & protection, showing to the same a like esteem of his merits, & that they may deem his endeavours worthy to be encouraged. And moreover that they may give him together with his servants, his horses, his arms, & his body-guard & his goods, hither & thither, in going or coming, by land or by sea, free and secure facilities of crossing over or returning, and of sojourning. Wherefore, inasmuch as they do us this great favour, so we, when the opportunity shall occur will repay an equal favour Dated at Cologne, 17 August, 1655”.
(Dalton Charles. The Scots army 1661-80. App. P. 190)
1656 July 23. Charles II wrote a letter to Tzar Alexey asking him to hire GL Thomas Daleyll & GM William Drummond on Russian service.

1656 Sept. Entered Russian service in Major-General rank; joined Russian siege army at Riga; got commission on Butler Foot regiment (see Russian siege army at Riga in 1656, link)
1660, Oct. Participated in the battle of Basya
1662 May 16. Won a battle of Chausy (link 1link 2)
1663 Promoted to Lieutenant-General (General-Poruchik in Russian)
1665 Left Russian service with the following recommendation letter from Tzar:
“[I missed long Tzar’s titles] In the last 7182 year, on the 23rd of July You Our Beloved Brother the Great Lord, Your Royal Majesty wrote to Us Great Lord to Our Imperial Majesty in Your letter that two subjects of Your Royal Majesty the lieutenant general Thomas Daliel and the major general William Drummond were desirous to come back to Your Own Kingdom together with the goods they have got at wars by their sword under Our Imperial Majesty's colours. And let it be done by Us, the Great Lord, Our Imperial Majesty, to the pleasure of Our Beloved Brother, the Great Lord, Your Royal Majesty. Therefore, We, the Great Lord Our Imperial Majesty declare by Our Imperial Majesty's letter to You, Our Beloved Brother, the Great Lord, Your Royal Majesty that there came to Us, the Great Lord, Our Imperial Majesty in order to be in Our service those two above mentioned subjects of Your Royal Majesty, the lieutenant general Thomas Daliel and the major general William Drummond. And being with Us, Our Imperial Majesty, in Our country, they did serve Us, Our Imperial Majesty, and stood against our enemies, and fought bravely, and led in battles the soldiers who were under them in their regiment, drilled them, and managed and performed everything rightly as it becomes noble commanders, gentlemen by birth. And We, the Great Lord, Our Imperial Majesty, rewarded them for their true service, and promoted the lieutenant general Thomas Daliel to general, and the major general William Drummond to lieutenant general, because they deserved the honours for their service. And also for the same service they were granted the salary from Our Imperial Majesty, the allowances and the pecuniary recompense according to their merits. And conformably to the letter of Our Beloved Brother, the Great Lord, Your Royal Majesty, We, the Great Lord, Our Imperial Majesty gave order to let those above mentioned generals go from the Russian Kingdom of Our Imperial Majesty to You, Our Brother., the Great Lord, and Your Royal Majesty. In testimony of their true service they were given the letters of Our Imperial Majesty with Our great broad seal. Written in Our Imperial Palace, in the Imperial Capital Moscow, on the 3rd of February in the year 7183 from the creation of the world”.
(Dalton Charles. The Scots army 1661-80. App. P. 192)
1666 Entered Royal service; Major-General of the Forces in Scotland & sat on the Council 
1669-74 Sat in Parliament for Perthshire, Scotland 
In 1674 imprisoned for 14 months in Dumbarton Castle for having corrresponded with some of the exiled Covenanters 1674; released 1676 but not restored to his command.
1678 Sat in the Convention 
Knighted between 1678 and 1681
1681-1682 and 1685-1686 Sat in Parliament 
1682 Master-General of the Ordonance 
1685 Promoted to Lieutenant-General;
1686 Lord of the Treasury; had a grant of the barony of Torwoodlee; Commissioner of Justiciary for Argyllshire, Scotland; Succeeded brother as Lord Maderty
1686, Sept 6. Created Viscount Strathallan and Lord Drummond of Cromlix  

1687 Captain of the Company of Foot; Governor of Inveraray Castle 

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