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Unknown Lithuanian GNW infantry colour

Unknown Lithuanian GNW infantry colour
State Trophy Collection, Armemuseum, Stockholm (link)
An other colour of the same regiment
The collection of Armemuseum in Stockholm has a set of at least 6 Lithuanian colours, which belonged to an unidentified infantry regiment. They are light-blue with yellow diagonal cross. The top quarter has an unidentified coat of arms (see at the top). The finial is a lance. The size is about 180x180 cm. The colours are similar to the set of Wisniowecki Foot (link). One of the colours has letters:
- K. i. W. ZW. M. A.
- G. W. L. S. S. X. A.
Evidently these letters mean a name, main titles/estates & offices of the regimental owner. Unfortunately I don't know this coat of arms & will be pleased for any additional info about it. 

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  1. It seems to be regiment of (nominal) colonel Józef Wandalin Mniszech, who since 1701 was general of Lithuanian artillery. You can see IM on the top of the lance. I don't have full list of Lithuanian army for that period so cannot confirm if such unit exist but it seems to be sensible theory :)

    1. A couple of my friends think the same that the color belongs to Josef Wandalin Mniszech's regiment. But they are not 100% sure