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Hessen-Darmstadt regiment on Venetian service, Feb-March 1689

In the end of 1687 Hessen-Darmstadt agreed to provide a regiment of 1,000 men on Venetian service for a campaign in Morea. It consisted of 10 coys, incl. one of grenadiers. Regimental commander was obrist Georg of Hessen-Darnstadt, later the FM on Austrian service & General-Capitan on a Spanish one. The regiment was dressed in light-grey (unbleached) coats with yellow cuffs. The treaty was signed on 15 December 1687, & the troops marched from Darmstadt in May of 1688. In February of 1689 the regiment numbered only 358 men in a camp at Navarin (mainly due to the disease).
P.S. first I mistook & wrote that cuffs were light-blue. The right one is yellow. 

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