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Polish Cossacks by Roelant Savery, 1614

Dutch painter Roelant Savery in 1608-1619 was at the courts of Emperors Rudolf II & Mathias, where he evidently saw Polish cavalry. The scene is presenting a group of Polish Pancerni cavalry on a march in a forest. Two towarzyszy are at the left, a Rotmistr with bulawa is in the center, Porucznik - at he right.  

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  1. I wrote about that painting on my blog as well:
    These horsemen of course cannot be pancerni, as this formation didn't exist in time when painting was made. If they're Poles indeed (not Hungarians for example) it would be rather mix of cossacks and husaria (one on right)

  2. You are right that "Pancerni" is wrong. That time they were called "Cossacks". I've changed the post's name.
    I assume that the right horseman could be a Cossack or Cossack porucznik. I believe that there were no any strict rules in Cossack's equipment that time. So, a porucznik could wore a helmet used by husaria

  3. Not sure why You think he might be porucznik at all? Officers do not use kopia lance (in husaria) or rohatyna (in other cavalry units) so he cannot be one of them.