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GNW campaign 1706, part IX: actions in December 1705

After a long break I am continuing the story about winter campaign 1705-06 in Poland. Now is a part about the final preparations to the Swedish match to Grodno (Hrodno).
Actions in Poland in December 1705
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I – Beginning of December. Smigelski with a Corps about 700 men came to Sandomir & destroyed at Kelec 2 choragwies of Potocki. He tried also to capture the castle in Kelec but it’s commandant Grudzinski repulsed the attack.
II -  Beginning of December. Lithuanian Grand Hetman Wisniowecki moved his choragwies from Bug to Podlasie on winter quarters
9 Dec. – August sent an order to Saxon army in Lusatia to be ready for a march with food for 14-days. In a case if Carl XII would move to Hrodno, Saxon army had to march in central Pland. 
III – 11 Dec. Smigelski with his Corps took Cracow. He captured about 300 Stanislaw’s recruits (cadres of the Horse Guard) & 96 Swedish officers sent to train new Polish troops. On approach to Cracow Smigelsi destroyed Theodor Lubomirski’s (starosta Spiski) choragwie, took it’s banner & taxes from salt mines. Theodor Lubomirski’s banner was decorated with broken Saxon swords & Polish Eagle above them & motto «Conffregisti Domine gladios inimicorum et exaltati caput meum».
IV – A detachment of Henskin’s dragoons attacked Plock with 200 Swedes. Russians captured 1 ensign & 70 privates & killed the rest. In the previous post about actions in November 1705 I mistook old & modern calendar. According to the modern calendar Henskin took Plotck on Dec 11th.
19 Dec. – Russian GL Patkul was arrested by Saxons & imprisoned in the Zonnenstein castle. Command over Russian Auxiliary Corps was given to Saxon GM Hans Hermann Wostromirsky von Rockittnigk (probably he got GL rank)
22 Dec. – Allies in Hrodno got news that Swedes were preparing for a campaign. Russians & Saxons started preparation to repulse Swedes.
V – 22 Dec. Stromberg with 4 IR arrived to Warsawa from Cracow. The main Swedish army is concentrated around Warsawa & ready for a campaign.
VI – 24 Dec. A Corps of 2,000 Swedish cavalry under Mardenfelt crossed Wistula. Evidently he moved to Bug to investigate allied positions & clean right bank of Wistula from allied reconnaissance parties.  Allies in Hrodno got news about it on Dec 25th.
VII – 26 Dec. Russian governor of Dorpat reported that Swedes blocked the town from the south (4 infantry battalions) & north (Karelska Rytter & probably other mounted troops). Russian reitars had a lot of small clashes with them.
Dec. 27 – Menshikov left Hrodno to Pultusk (Renne’s dragoon Corps HQ) to investigate real Swedish intentions
VIII – end of December – Stromberg sent several Lubomirski’s choragwies to Royal Prussia against Hometowski.
IX – end of December. 6,000 of Cossacks under Polubotok & 1,000 of Saxon reitars under GL Brause command concentrated  at Sandomir.

Now all is ready for the main campaign! -)

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