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Table of the Russian Auxiliary Corps, 9 Feb 1705

The table below presents the strength & composition of the Russian Auxiliary Corps under GL Patkul on Polish-Saxon service. It's dated 9 Feb 1705. There are 8 regiments (Patkul; Arnstedt, previously Goertz; Gulits; Bilts; Belling; Holstein; Schopping; Levingston) & Rumor's battalion (Streltzy) in it. Regiments consisted of 9 coys (incl. 1 grenadier) each, Rumor's Streltzy - 4 coys (no grenadiers). This establishment (8 reg-s & the batt.) was made in Sept 1704. Data provided by A. Bespalov in his article & further works is wrong. The current establishment was changed in Sept 1705.
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