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Allied siege of Lille, 1708 (part II, French garrison)

In my previous post I placed allied BO for the siege of Lille. To find the French garrison was not an easy task. Here you can find the brief description of the siege
The part about French garrison is very short. Dutch sources counted 21 battalions 12 companies of invalids, 6 squadrons, 4 dragoon companies and 200 cavalrymen. Berwick in his Memoires (II, 15) mentioned that “I had placed there 23 battalions & 3 regiments of dragoons. Marshal Boufflers had shut himself up in the place with Lieutenant-Generals de Surville, de Trefeliere & de Lee”.  
Below is a list of Lille garrison from the History of Queen Anne Reign (7th Year, 82):
And list of troops from Pelet & Vault (VIII, 413):
The last one looks the most accurate.

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