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Radziwill’s artillery from Slutck, 1707

Radziwill's coat of arms
granted in 1547
Slutck in Novogrodek palatinate in Lithuania was a “capital” of the Radziwill’s lands. In 1707 Russians evacuated all major strongholds in Lithuania to prevent it taking by Swedes. In Slutck they took 20 cannons:
-        4-pdr decorated by Radziwill’s title under mitre and a hawk
-        4-pdr decorated by Lithuanian coat of arms
-        8-pdr, made in 1613, decorated by Brandenburg’s coat of arms & Jan-Kazimir’s title
-        10-pdr, decorated by a whale
-        10-pdr, decorated by an old man 
-        2 10-pdr canons made in 1573 in Brandenburg
-        3 12-pdr canons made in 1635 with Lithuanian coat of arms & King Wladislaw’s title
-        12-pdr decorated by Adam & Eve
-        2 12-pdr canons with Brandenburg coat of arms & Georg-Wilhelm’ title, one with a drummer, the other with a flautist
-        12-pdr without decorations
-        12-pdr with a mist
-        15-pdr with a drummer
-        24-pdr, made in 1637, with Krzysztof Radziwill’s coat of arms & title & 2 eagles
-        27-pdr, made in 1637, with Jan Radziwill’s coat of arms & title
-        3-pdr with Lithuanian arms & letters C.D.S.
-        Howitzer made in 1563 with King Zigmund-August coat of arms & title

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