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Taking of Suse, 6 March 1629

Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal has a map titled “Batalha nos Alpes na fronteira de França e de Itália” & dated 1630 (http://purl.pt/3496/1/P1.html ). It looks like the taking of Suse by French on 6 March 1629 during the War of Mantuan Succession 1628-31. French under Crequi & Bassompierre had 10 coy of French Guards under mestre-de-camp Canaples, 10 coy of Swisses under colonel Salis, 12 coys of Piemont regiment under lieutenant-colonel marquis Tavannes, 15 coys of “montagnards dauphinois” (Alpine chasers from Dauphine) under count Sault, 800 “chevau-legers ou gentilshommes volontaires”, company of carabiners d’Arnauld, Mousqueteres du Roi. (Perini. Batailles francaises. V. III, p. 108)
Taking of passages at Suse, 6 March 1629
"Batalha nos Alpes na fronteira de França e de Itália"
(Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal)

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