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Knotel’s Swedish GNW grenadier

Many know famous Knotel’s uniform plates. One of them presents Swedish GNW uniforms:

Grenadier’s uniform looks very strange for me. Livgardet grenadiers didn’t have lapels & grenadier caps during the GNW. The uniform looks like 1720s or even later. I asked Dan Schorr about this image. He told me about Swedish painter Einar v. Storkirch (1879-1932) & shared with some images from his collection. Some images I found on my own.
Strokirch made a set of 161 uniform plates called “Svenska armens munderingar” (1911). Among them were Swedish Guard grenadiers.

For me it’s clear that this plate was the base for Knotel’s one. Uniform is after-GNW. Storkirch’s source is unknown. Later it was used also by Gustaf Cederstrom.
The other Storkirch’s plate is Skaraborg’s grenadiers 1707.

Storkirch’s source is also unknown. The uniform looks like “Younger” model.  
I also found an image of unknown artist called “Grenadier 1701”

It’s from Uppland museum, so probably this is Uppland grenadier.

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